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For the latest trends you can’t go past Schwarzkopf essential looks trends, Every 6 months they release a new collection to inspire us Hairdressers with the latest trends.


Schwarzkopf Essential Looks 2017 Spring/Summer

Schwarzkopf - Essential Looks Collection 1/2017 has had many years to prove it is what is happening in Hair Fashion. Inspiration comes from the catwalks of London,Paris, Milian and New York. It’s all about creating these new looks and Hairdressers turning them into looks that their clients can wear confidently. 



ESSENTIAL LOOKS® takes inspiration from international fashion runways and condenses it into three distinct trends – all incredibly diverse and each set to ignite creative hairdressers’ imaginations.

This Spring/Summer, ESSENTIAL LOOKS® has created the Modern Ikon Collection, which presents the glamour and sophistication of the OPULENTtrend, the urban cool of BEAT ICON and the bold and punky COLORAMA.

We break down the fashion, color and styling direction of each, and explore the key looks – from catwalk to salon!


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Fashion Direction
Inspired by the sultry sophistication of the 50s, this trend is a contemporary take on old-school glamour. Stylish dresses with nipped in waists, luxurious ornate fabrics and floral embellishments are the key styling direction for this trend.

Color Direction
IGORA ROYAL® OPULESCENCE is a collection of 6 shimmering shades inspired by the colors of Renaissance masters that work together to create an illuminated effect on the hair, for modern opulence.

Styling Direction
Opt for elegant curls and voluminous waves to achieve the seductive OPULENT trend look.

Explore the OPULENT Catwalk and Salon Looks…



Fashion Direction
This look celebrates the icons that defined the 60s. 'BEAT ICONS' wear pixie boots, cropped trousers and mono stripes, rocking modern androgyny and urban cool.

Color Direction
Any shade of blonde suits a BEAT ICON. Go for smudged re-growth; a modern take on the '90s grown-out lightener look.

Styling Direction
Precise cutting and clean lines with natural texture and a polished sheen keep style icons on beat.

Explore the BEAT ICON Catwalk and Salon Looks…



Fashion Direction
Color-popping, cupcake grunge – this trend features a 'mix and un-match' style, ideal for the non-conformist. With self-expression and individual flair, the COLORAMA trend takes cues from the kooky outsider.

Color Direction
Less is never more with this trend! Create a bold statement with all over neon vibes, or go for a kaleidoscope of color in the mid-lengths and ends to complete the COLORAMA look.

Styling Direction
COLORAMA is all about individual style, think textured random shapes for that punky DIY feel.

Explore the COLORAMA Catwalk and Salon Looks…