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How to cut your Fringe yourself

How to cut your Fringe Here is a video I created for all you ladies who are brave enough to cut their own fringe (Maybe your husband could help...LOL) The Do’s and Dont's to cutting your fringe yourself Do’s Cut your fringe dry NOT wet. If it’s been one month since your last cut then cut off just one centimetre (No More). Hair grows approximately one cm per month. Chipping into your hair will mean if you make a mistake it’s less likely anyone will notice. Use small nail scissors rather than paper [...]

Why Does My Hair Get So Oily?

Why Does My Hair Get So Oily? Why Does My Hair Get So Oily? It's one of the most common questions we get in the salon. There any many reasons we get oily hair, but there are definitely things that can be done to combat the grease! Greasy hair is the result of over-active sebaceous glands - producing too much sebum. Sebum is a oily/waxy substance which naturally hydrates and protects the hair and scalp. Unfortunately when you get to much of this, that's when your hair gets that slick appearance that feels unclean and urges you to [...]

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

When it comes to haircuts, there seems to be two types of people out there - those who religiously get a trim every few weeks to keep up with the latest trends and those that only get a cut a few times a year. So how often should we really be getting a trim? How frequently should you cut your hair if you’re wanting it to grow? If you enjoy having long, healthy, hair or you’re wanting to grow your hair longer, then it is a good idea to take off about a half inch (1 cm) every 8 [...]

Salon Vs Supermarket

You may be wondering what’s really the difference between supermarket shampoos and hair salon products? Are salon shampoos really superior? And are they worth your hard earned cash? In this article we will explore the facts so you can decide what’s important to you. Shampoo has been around since the 1930’s. The first liquid shampoo was invented and sold by Hans Schwarzkopf in 1927. Before that bar soap or water was commonly used to wash the hair. Shampoos have come a long way since then, but not all are created equal. Sure, cheaper brands may feel like they are getting [...]

Male Hair Loss Explained

So you have noticed your hair thinning and have jumped online to do a bit of research? Great! You may think that hair loss is just something that comes with age or genetics – That because your father/uncle/grandfather lost their hair you will too. Though there is some truth to this, the primary reason behind male hair loss is in fact Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) an androgen produced as a byproduct of Testosterone that some men are more genetically susceptible to. […]

Environmental Sustainability at Hair Scene

SUSTAINABILITY – What is it? Do we really make a difference to the environment being a Hairdressing Salon? We do the usual – Recycle our Shampoo, water and milk bottle containers along with Cardboard recycling. When I started writing down just what we did recycle, with what makes a difference to our planet, I was surprised at how many different initiatives we undertook. It’s a great feeling knowing we are contributing to helping our environment and ultimately our planet however did you know we also make significant savings by doing this? If more Hair Salons, or in fact more [...]

Creepy Critters

There are many types of head lice formulations on the market, as well as electric combs and "natural" which can still contain chemicals. The most effective treatment recommended by James Cookuniversity is the "conditioner and comb" method, which involves combing conditioner through an infestation and dunking all lice and eggs in hot water to kill them. So, we have listed below, the most recommended strategies to remove these “little critters” and to help prevent them from coming back. Conditioner and nit comb Method; smother hair in conditioner, comb hair thoroughly with nit comb starting at the nape, dispose of head [...]

Colour in 10 minutes

GET IN, GET OUT, GET GOING! Read about our 10 MINUTE COLOUR Don't you hate it when suddenly your regrowth appears and you haven't got hours of time for a root touch up? We may have a solution to your dilemma! Our Lunchtime express colour service gets you in and out within 50 minutes.* (see menu below) NEW Colour 10 by Schwarzkopf Professional has you in and out so you can get on with what's most important to you. Our Menu for Lunchtime express and Colour10: - Naked (Root Colour touch up only) 40 Minutes $91.00 - Roots Colour with [...]

Kitomba 2013 Business Awards

2013 Kitomba Business Awards Finalists for Telecom Employer of Choice. Hair Scene - Hair & Beauty have made the finals for the Kitomba Business Awards for - Telecom Employer of Choice. The winners will be announced on Sunday 20th October 2013 at the Hairdressing Industry Training Organization and NZ Association of Registered Hairdressers awards formal dinner held at the Auckland Museum. This isn't the first time Hair Scene - Hair & Beauty have been up for an award. In March 2013 they won the Schwarzkopf Excellence in Marketing Award and were finalists in 2011 and 2012 for HITO Training [...]

Winners of 2013 Telecom Employer Of Choice

2013 Telecom employer of choice award winners! Local business identity, Linley Wade, owner of the award winning salon Hair Scene - Hair & Beauty, credits their recent win of Telecom Employer of Choice to choosing the right team members and creating a culture they can be proud of. Linley has been employing apprentices and qualified hairdressers for the past 24 years. The key moment was when Linley decided that to make her business stand out from competitors, she would create a place where people were asking her to become part of the Hair Scene - Hair & Beauty team... [...]

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