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For long-lasting results, effortless maintenance continues at home with a routine tailored to a client’s specific hair needs. Each range has been developed with skincare-inspired ingredients:

  • Fibre Clinix Vibrancy– the formula with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Aha) enhances colour vibrancy for long-lasting colour results.
  • Fibre Clinix Fortify– the formula with Niacinamide strengthens and nourishes the hair fibre.
  • Fibre Clinix Hydrate– the formula with Squalane complex balances the moisture level and helps to increase elasticity.
  • Fibre Clinix Volumize– the formula with Phytokine provides lightweight hair feeling and fullness.
  • Fibre Clinix Tame– the formula with Ceramide visibly tames for a smooth, anti-frizz effect.
Fibre Clinix Technology:
Thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s powerful repair technology, Fibre Clinix has set a new milestone with customisable regimes for all hair types in the salon and at home:
  • Triple Bonding Technology– next generation of hair bonding technology, based on 10 years of research. It strengthens the hair structure from within by building new bonds, leading to hair that is up to 10x stronger*
  • C21 Technology– highly effective conditioning technology that works to protect the outer layer lost in damaged hair. C21 Technology repairs the 21-Lipid chains present in the hair, bringing the cuticle closer to natural perfection for improved shine and manageability.

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