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Salon Vs Supermarket

You may be wondering what’s really the difference between supermarket shampoos and hair salon products? Are salon shampoos really superior? And are they worth your hard earned cash? In this article we will explore the facts so you can decide what’s important to you. Shampoo has [...]

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Male Hair Loss Explained

So you have noticed your hair thinning and have jumped online to do a bit of research? Great! You may think that hair loss is just something that comes with age or genetics – That because your father/uncle/grandfather lost their hair [...]

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Creepy Critters

There are many types of head lice formulations on the market, as well as electric combs and "natural" which can still contain chemicals. The most effective treatment recommended by James Cookuniversity is the "conditioner and comb" method, which involves combing conditioner through an infestation and dunking [...]

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Colour in 10 minutes

GET IN, GET OUT, GET GOING! Read about our 10 MINUTE COLOUR Don't you hate it when suddenly your regrowth appears and you haven't got hours of time for a root touch up? We may have a solution to your dilemma! Our Lunchtime express colour service [...]

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