How to take care of your hair during the summer

summer hair care

Summer is on its way and as much as we love to be out in the sunshine for hours, we need to remind ourselves how extreme the sun can be. Just like the sun damages our skin, it also damages our hair. Other summer activities like swimming in the ocean or in chlorine pools can also add unwanted stress to our hair.

How does the sun damage my hair?

If you have prolonged exposure to the sun, just like our skin, it can damage our hair. The UVA and UVB rays penetrate the hairs protective layer, called the cuticle, and when this happens the inner structure of the hair is vulnerable to radiation. This results in dry, brittle hair that is prone to split ends and breakage. The sun also causes your natural or artificial colour to fade at a faster rate.

What you can do to protect your hair from the sun

Wearing a hat or head cover

Covering your hair from the direct sun is probably the best possible way to avoid sun damage.

Use products that have a UV filter

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Use hair masks

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Moisture Masque

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Saltwater vs. the Hair

A lot of people tend to love the effect of body and texture that saltwater gives the hair. This happens because the salt in the water lifts up the cuticle, making the hair to appear fuller. As much as this is a short term benefit to how your hair physically looks, this can actually cause a lot of damage to the condition of the hair. Saltwater can be dehydrating to the hair, leaving it feeling dry, brittle and frizzy. A ruffled cuticle can also lead to breakage and strip artificial colour.
The best preventative for this is obvious; to keep you hair out of the saltwater. Here are some things you can do if you do intend to get your hair wet.

Wet your hair & Apply Conditioner

Wet your hair with fresh water then apply conditioner to your hair before and after you go swimming. This acts as a protective barrier against the saltwater.

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Use hair masks

Using hair masks at least once a week to rebuild the hairs inner and outer structure, keeping it strong and healthy.

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Use hair masks

Use a detangling spray before brushing to help comb out any knots without compromising the
elasticity of the hair. Remember to always brush from the ends to the roots.

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Chlorine vs. the hair

There’s no doubt that we’re going to be lounging out around the pool this summer, and having the occasionally dip. Like saltwater, chlorine can also be super damaging to our hair. Chlorine strips the hairs natural oils (sebum) causing the hair to weaken and split. It also may change the colour of natural and artificial coloured hair, this is especially common with blonde hair turning a green kind of tone.
Refer to the saltwater haircare tips above. The best way to prevent damage is, again, keeping your hair out of the water by either tying it up or using a swimming cap.

How can I fix chlorine-damaged hair?

If you are someone who swims in chlorinated pools on a regular basic, there is going to be a build
up of chlorine in your hair so it’s important to be regularly using a clarifying shampoo to help remove this build up and give your hair a clean canvas. For best results, follow this up with a moisturising conditioner or deep conditioning hair mask.

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For virgin or coloured hair

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