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Hair Scene - Staff Image of Tessza

Salon Manager

Tessza’s our Salon Manager with a rich history at Hair Scene dating back to 2013. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Tessza has earned her position through hard work and dedication. Her commitment to delivering top-tier hair services is evident in her meticulous consultations and long-term planning, ensuring impeccable results for each and every client.

Tessza’s knack for problem-solving and proficiency in colour correction showcases her unwavering confidence and her constant pursuit of self-improvement. She thrives on challenges, excelling in Balayage, Foils, Style Cutting, Keratin Smoothing, and a wide range of other techniques. Tessza’s genuine care for her clients and deep connections she’s forged with them speak volumes about her loyalty and dedication.

If you’re seeking a skilled and compassionate stylist who prioritizes your unique vision, Tessza is the perfect choice. With her, you’re not just getting a haircut; you’re embarking on a journey towards hair transformation and genuine care.

Creative Stylist

Cheryl’s passion for hairdressing for over 35 years and her dedication to her clients is incredible. With her extensive experience in the industry, it’s no surprise that she has developed a special love for hair-ups and cutting. Her focus on providing a great experience for mature clients and keeping up with current trends, shows her commitment to staying current and providing the best service possible.

Cheryl has been part of the supportive and talented team at the salon since 2018 and her passion and expertise make her a valuable asset to the Hair Scene team and any client she works with.

Hair Scene - Staff Image of Stacey

Advanced Stylist

Stacey is an experienced and skilled hairdresser who joined Hair Scene in 2017. Her skills are endless, but she particularly loves styling long hair and creative colour. Her passion for complete makeovers and a willingness to guide clients towards a fresh new style can be especially valuable for those who may be unsure about what they want.

Stacey specialises in texture cutting, which can add a unique and interesting element to a haircut. (At the moment, the Shag Style seems to be on trend.) Additionally, her friendly and caring demeanour helps create a comfortable and enjoyable salon experience for clients.

Stacey has a lot to offer as an advanced stylist and her reputation for quality work is a testament to her skills and expertise.

Hair Scene - Staff Image of Linley

Creative Director/Owner

Linley’s unwavering passion for hairdressing has fuelled over 39 years of excellence at Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty. Linley not only tends to her valued clients but also plays a vital role in shaping the very essence of our salon.

At Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty, we hold dear the values of continuous growth and a commitment to excellence. Linley embodies this ethos, focusing her energy into refining our systems and processes. She firmly believes that ongoing training and development are at the core of our culture, ensuring every client enjoys an exceptional experience.

Our team’s culture is one of collaboration, creativity, and a shared dedication to making every visit memorable. We’re not just a salon; we’re a community that values both the artistry of hairdressing and the relationships we build along the way.

Hair Scene - Staff Image of Tasmyn


Tasmyn is a highly skilled and dedicated stylist who takes great pride in her work and strives to provide exceptional customer service. Her passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends is a great asset to the Hair Scene team and her clients.

Her focus on listening to her clients and understanding their needs and preferences, is a key aspect of being a successful stylist. Tasmyn is genuinely interested in her clients and works to make their entire salon experience enjoyable and satisfying.

Tasmyn has expertise in a range of services, including Foiling, Balayage, Chemical Straightening and Keratin Complex Relaxing, Perming, and Cutting. This versatility and skillset allow her to cater to a wide range of clients and offer personalised recommendations and services.

Tasmyn is an integral member of the Hair Scene team and a fantastic stylist who is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring her clients leave feeling confident and satisfied.


Meet James, a true maestro of the hairdressing industry with over a decade of experience. Formerly the owner of the esteemed Jimmy Hugh Collective, he now joins Hair Scene to embark on an exciting new chapter. With prestigious titles from the NZARH and as an Auckland Regional Winner of WorldSkills, James’s commitment to excellence is evident.

His passion lies in creating technically precise haircuts that push creative boundaries, leaving clients with bespoke styles that reflect their individuality. A go-to stylist for unforgettable wedding hair, James astounds clients with his expertise and unwavering passion at Hair Scene.


Gina is a dynamic and talented hairdresser with over six years of experience in the industry. Her vibrant personality and contagious energy bring a special touch to Hair Scene. Specialising in precision cuts, intricate styling, and vibrant colouring techniques, Gina’s attention to detail and artistic touch ensure that each client leaves the salon feeling confident and beautiful.

Book an appointment with Gina today and experience her exceptional skills firsthand. Get ready to walk out of Hair Scene with a fabulous new look and the confidence to take on the world!

Apprentice Stylist

Monique is a skilled stylist of 5 years with a particular talent for Long Hair Blow Waves, Keratin Smoothing, Foiling, Balayage and Platinum Blondes. Her ability to listen to her clients and understand their needs and preferences, enables her to provide the best possible service.

Additionally, Monique’s passion for problem-solving and creating custom colours to suit each of her clients, shows her knowledge about which colours will suit them best. She is also committed to providing personalised and unique solutions for any skin and hair type.

Providing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere is a priority for Monique, while also building trust and establishing long-lasting relationships. She allows clients to relax while knowing their stylist is knowledgeable, talented and dedicated to providing the best possible service for them.


Apprentice Stylist

Romy isn’t new to the Hair Industry, she is a Qualified Barber, with a flair for wet shaving, Romy brings over three years of salon experience to every chair and an innate ability to connect with clients. Her exceptional listening skills ensure each visit is tailored to the individual client, leaving clients feeling valued and special. Experience Romy’s unparalleled scalp massage techniques that sets her apart, leaving clients feeling completely rejuvenated. Romy is currently undergoing her Ladies Apprenticeship at Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty, and we have no doubt that she will excel in it.

3 thoughts on “Meet The Team

  1. Brett Mills says:

    Linley does a great mens number 2 sides and back, with a good trim on the top. Just long enough on the top to fall over, but not short enough to be spikey.

  2. Trish David says:

    I am happy to recommend Hair Scene, I have been a client of Cheryls for the past 18 years so think that speaks volumes, always professional and attentive , Cheryl is an excellent cutter and stylist. Hair Scene Salon is a welcoming , harmonious and pleasant environment. A special treat is the hair wash and relaxing head massage given by Monique.

  3. Andy Saputra says:

    I recently visited Hair Scene and was thoroughly impressed with the excellent service. My stylist, Tasmyn, was professional, warm, and attentive.

    Tasmyn’s welcome was friendly, and she even enquired about my preferred drink, setting a relaxing atmosphere. Her consultation was detailed and professional, perfectly capturing my desired hairstyle with her expertise.

    The hair wash was a treat, with a soothing moisturising conditioner applied gently. The entire process, from walking in to the final blow and styling, was efficient, taking just around 45 minutes without any compromise on quality or detail.

    Owner Linley’s brief check and guidance on my hair further assured me of the high standards at Hair Scene.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Hair Scene to anyone seeking top-notch hair treatment and fantastic service. Keep up the fantastic work, Hair Scene team!

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