Why does my hair get dry in winter?

why does my hair get dry in winter

You might be surprised to know that the main cause of this very common complaint is not actually the colder temperature as such but the lack of moisture in the air plus the use of hotter water when showering and washing your hair. The combination of the two can really take it out of your hair and even give you an itchy scalp!

What can we do?

1. Shampoo & Conditioner – Switch to a high moisture shampoo and conditioner. Don’t forget to leave conditioner on for a few minutes if you can and comb through.

2. Treatments – Add a moisture treatment into your routine for extra hydrating nourishment. Aim for once a week.

3. Ease up on hot tools! – If you can. Air dry hair when possible and try to embrace natural textures. Aim for styles that will last when using hot tools.

4. Keep up with haircuts – A haircut will keep your locks fresh. Taking off any dry ends will prevent splitting and causing more damage.

5. Leave in products – Hair oils such as BC Oil Miracle and Schwarzkopf Professional BC Sealed Ends are our recommended daily products to add moisture and shine.

6. Stay hydrated – This is getting back to basics a bit but water is so important for your hair and skin and to keep them full of life.

We hope these tips have helped and hang in there for summer!

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