Winners of 2013 Telecom Employer Of Choice

Kitomba 2013 Business Awards Winner

2013 Telecom employer of choice award winners!

Local business identity, Linley Wade, owner of the award winning salon Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty, credits their recent win of Telecom Employer of Choice to choosing the right team members and creating a culture they can be proud of.

Linley has been employing apprentices and qualified hairdressers for the past 24 years. The key moment was when Linley decided that to make her business stand out from competitors, she would create a place where people were asking her to become part of the Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty team… to be the place where people wanted to be.

Staff are a crucial investment in any business especially hairdressing.
Time spent on training not just in hairdressing services but in giving clients that wow factor, motivation and personal development is also important.
When you have a great team, staff stay happy, motivated and wanting to learn new and exciting skills within an ever changing industry.

Judges Comments

In this award judges are looking for a clear workplace culture where staff feel nurtured, training is a priority and everyone wants to work for them.

In determining the winner, the judges loved the attention this employer shows to their team. From your weekly one-on-ones to quarterly reviews. Their focus on training and staff performance, sense of fun and unique ideas were a stand out. This demonstrates why they are an employer of choice.

Employer of Choice – Winner

The salon appears to be a fun and desirable place to work – strong culture and opportunities for personal development. There is a comprehensive and consultative framework for staff feedback, including multiple opportunities for staff to be listened to – great to see. Your points rewards idea is fab.