How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

Split Ends - How ofter to cut your hair

When it comes to haircuts, there seems to be two types of people out there – those who religiously get a trim every few weeks to keep up with the latest trends and those that only get a cut a few times a year. So how often should we really be getting a trim?

How frequently should you cut your hair if you’re wanting it to grow?

If you enjoy having long, healthy, hair or you’re wanting to grow your hair longer, then it is a good idea to take off about a half inch (1 cm) every 8 to 10 weeks. That way you’re removing any damaged, split ends but still giving you hair enough time to grow more than what had been initially cut off.

How frequently should you cut your hair if you’re wanting to maintain a certain style?

6-8 weeks between trims should be as long as you’ll want to leave it if you’re wanting to maintain a certain style and length. For more polished, blunt bobs with fringes, every 4-6 weeks may be more suitable. The shorter the cut the more it will feel untidy and need a reshape.

Do regular trims help your hair grow?

Most of the time people make the mistake of not getting regular trims, believing, that way, their hair will grow more. But there is also the myth that getting regular trims can help your hair grow faster. So, which statement is correct here? Truth is, neither. Getting regular trims may not help your hair grow faster but it can give the illusion of stronger, healthy hair and also prevent split ends from breakage any further, therefore overall increasing your hairs growth potential.