Salon Vs Supermarket

Salon vs Supermarke

You may be wondering what’s really the difference between supermarket shampoos and hair salon
products? Are salon shampoos really superior? And are they worth your hard earned cash? In this article
we will explore the facts so you can decide what’s important to you.

Shampoo has been around since the 1930’s. The first liquid shampoo was invented and sold by Hans
Schwarzkopf in 1927. Before that bar soap or water was commonly used to wash the hair.
Shampoos have come a long way since then, but not all are created equal. Sure, cheaper brands may
feel like they are getting the job done but the quality of ingredients are generally much lower than salon

Supermarket shampoos contain more water, sulphates, fillers and are usually detergent based. They
contain silicones, which over time can create a waxy build up – Making it harder to style and manage.
Silicone build up makes it very hard to colour your hair… This means more visits to the hairdresser to get
that dream colour!
Lots of supermarket shampoos have a lovely cosmetic feel but aren’t actually doing anything for the
integrity of your hair. They can strip the hair of natural oils making it dry and frizzy. Cheap products
mean cheap ingredients which can be irritants for sensitive scalps and can even block the hair shaft
causing hair loss… Eeek!

Salon products aim to nourish the hair from the inside out. They contain a higher quality of ingredients
including peptides, micellar, collagen, vitamins, oils and minerals. These shampoos are much more
concentrated, meaning you need a smaller amount per use and will cost you less in the long run –
compared to needing a whole handful with the cheap stuff.
Salon products contain UV/thermal protection and well as anti-colour fade technology. It makes no
sense to see your beautiful salon colour investment washed down the drain using cheap products.
Salon products also have the major advantage of being prescribed to you by your hair stylist who knows
the hairs needs and what works for different hair types.

If you are having your hair coloured or place importance on having your hair look its best, I would highly
recommend salon shampoos and products . If you are still on the fence about making the switch, we
have samples available and stylist can recommend what will suit your hair.
It can take a couple of weeks to cleanse the supermarket shampoo out of your hair. After this your hair
will feel softer and healthier and it will be hard to go back.