How to cut your Fringe yourself

How to cut your own fringe

How to cut your Fringe

Here is a video I created for all you ladies who are brave enough to cut their own fringe (Maybe your husband could help…LOL)

The Do’s and Dont’s to cutting your fringe yourself


  • Cut your fringe dry NOT wet.
  • If it’s been one month since your last cut then cut off just one centimetre (No More).
    Hair grows approximately one cm per month.
  • Chipping into your hair will mean if you make a mistake it’s less likely anyone will notice.
  • Use small nail scissors rather than paper scissors.
  • Always leave it longer around your temples. (More flattering)


  • Don’t cut your fringe straight across you will notice any mistakes and it will get shorter and shorter the more you try to fix it up.
  • Don’t cut your fringe wet. Hair stretches more when wet and bounces up when dry.
  • Don’t use sewing scissors they are too large (you will do yourself an injury)

Hair Scene won’t take responsibility for anyone making a mess of their fringe!

Just give it a try and take little bits off.
If you get frustrated walk away and come back to it later on.
Your arms can get tired lifting them above your shoulders.
We can always fix it when we leave lock down and remember it will grow.

Good Luck.

4 thoughts on “How to cut your Fringe yourself

  1. Linley Brown says:

    I’m glad you found it helpful,, Its difficult when you cant get it cut due to lockdown. Thank you for your feedback. Take care.

  2. Nikki says:

    Oops! Should have watched your video BEFORE I chopped the fringe! Hopefully we will be out of lockdown soon and we can come and find you all for a decent cut. Hanging out for that. Hope you are all doing ok.

  3. Linley Brown says:

    Thanks Nikki,
    We are all doing fine under the circumstances, Cant wait to get back to what we love. Its been a long time. Take care, your fringe would have grown a bit by the time we open. Did you always have a fringe? cheers Linley

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