Hair Up Tips For Special Occasions

Hair Up Tips for a Special Occasion

Hair Up Tips For Special Occasions

So if you’re thinking of having a hair-up for a special occasion, here is a few things to consider.

The Night Before:
Firstly it is important to have clean dry hair  so generally wash it the night before and apply a strong hold mousse and leave to dry naturally.
If you have fine, limp oily hair wash it the morning of the occasion also using mousse but it must be dry.
Always bring a picture of your desired result and we will always tweak and individualize to suit.

We always need to prep the hair, as in set it in curls to help the hair up to last all day and night.

Other Considerations:
Your Outfit is also important! Especially the neckline as to whether you have some hair left down or all up.

Your Face Shape is also important as to whether you leave softness around the face as not everyone suits all their hair off their face. It can be too severe, and too much width on a round face can also be too much going on.
Depending on how fine or thick the hair is you may need lots more hairspray or back combing.

Lastly to finish off choose the right Earrings to finalize the perfect look. For example long diamante earrings look great with a simple top knot, as opposed to little studs with an elaborate curled hair up, as this would be too busy.

Communicate With Your Stylist:
To finish always tell your stylist if you are happy and comfortable because a Beautiful Hair-Up should make you feel special, beautiful and confident not awkward. Your Stylist will check in as you go so everyone is happy.

Have a Great Night.