Pros & Cons of a Hairdressing Apprenticeship in an Independent or Chain Salon

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Just like any other apprenticeship for a job, profession/career there will always be pros and cons that come with it.
Starting an apprenticeship for hairdressing, you have two types of salons available to choose from. There are two types of salons – chain salons (examples are Rodney Wayne and Vivo) and Independent salons.

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Chain Salon:

• They have similar products and services across all branches and have a standard which is continued throughout all branches which gives customers and staff certain expectations as they enter any of these branches.
• Each branch will most likely have set training and instruction processes as you will not be the first apprentice.
• Once you have finished your apprenticeship, you are most likely to stay on the same chain salon which can be good as they may provide long-term opportunities or transfers across the country.

Independent Salon:

• You’re able to get to know the clients better even at a junior level.
• You also have a bigger part to play as you become much more valuable to the business than at a larger company.
• Some independent salons may have added benefits to their local area. For example, a small salon may have a good working relationship with a local school and have built a great reputation for developing exquisite talent among young teens.


Chain Salon:

• These types of salons have very strong brand identities and processes which can sometimes feel quite tight and fixed for people who enjoy their freedom and independence.

Independent Salon:

• Every independent salon will have their different perks and opportunities.
This means their advantages will differ depending on their individual culture.
Some may be similar to rigid chain salons whilst others are open to sharing insights and wanting to improve themselves whilst keeping up with trends and fashion.
• It can be quite challenging to find out online what an apprenticeship is like at an independent salon as not all of them have details on their website about apprenticeships whereas chain salons tend to have detailed information online about apprenticeships.

As Chain salons are more predictable than independent salons, it is still a good idea to do plenty of research before jumping into an apprenticeship.
Go to different salons to check out the culture and environment of the salon as well as online hunting to find out what will work best for you!