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There are many types of head lice formulations on the market, as well as electric combs and “natural” which can still contain chemicals. The most effective treatment recommended by James Cookuniversity is the “conditioner and comb” method, which involves combing conditioner through an infestation and dunking all lice and eggs in hot water to kill them.
So, we have listed below, the most recommended strategies to remove these “little critters” and to help prevent them from coming back.
Conditioner and nit comb Method; smother hair in conditioner, comb hair thoroughly with nit comb starting at the nape, dispose of head lice in hot water. Rinse hair thoroughly. Natural treatment Method; mix tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil together and apply to hair and scalp. Leave overnight. In the morning rinse, apply conditioner and comb thoroughly with nit comb dispose of lice in hot water.


  1. Mix tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and water in a spray bottle. Spray onto scalp and hair, the smell will help to deter lice.
  2. If your child’s hair is long enough, tie it up in a pony tail and spray it with hairspray. This will keep them at bay as Lice can’t jump, fly or hop.
  3. Use a hair straightener as often as possible; Lice cannot stand a certain amount of heat.Most common Head lice myths.

Only dirty people get head lice – Head lice do not distinguish between clean and dirty hair, they’re not fussy.

Only kids get head lice – Head lice can be caught by anyone. Pre-school and primary-school-aged children and their families are infested most often. Girls get head lice more often than boys and women more often than men due to length of hair and type of play.

Keeping your head underwater kills head lice – Head lice cannot be washed away or drowned, they can actually survive under water for up to two hours.