Environmental Sustainability at Hair Scene

Sustainability at Hair Scene - Hair & Beauty


Do we really make a difference to the environment being a Hairdressing Salon?

We do the usual – Recycle our Shampoo, water and milk bottle containers along with Cardboard recycling.
When I started writing down just what we did recycle, with what makes a difference to our planet, I was surprised at how many different initiatives we undertook.

It’s a great feeling knowing we are contributing to helping our environment and ultimately our planet however did you know we also make significant savings by doing this?

If more Hair Salons, or in fact more businesses knew about the savings made, it could make a huge difference all round to our environment.

Some examples for Hair Salons:

Foil: Salons use a considerable amount of Aluminium Tin Foil and ALL that Tin Foil simply just cannot go into the Ground! Those empty Colour Tubes – we collect and save these, so every few months we take to them and the used foil to the Scape Metal Merchant man. He in turn, gives us a few bucks for our trouble, usually about $60.00.

Excess Colour: While we don’t like wasting colour, sometimes, even the little bits all add up! What certainly surprises Staff, is when it’s shown by weighing the actual Excess Colour, just to show how much Excess actually “Goes down the Drain!” How do we do this? We collect it in a container, weigh it, write it down and dispose of it in the rubbish. This way the little fishes don’t have to eat it.

Re-use Paper: We re-use our paper by double sided use. I would say about 60% saving here alone.

Empty Perm Bottles: We rinse and re-use for Sample Bottles. Clients often find these bottles really good to use when going overseas as they need 100ml bottles when travelling.

70% Organic Colour: We offer an alternative to 100% Chemical Colours. Our 70% Organic Colour delivers outstanding results and is far more natural. Along with this we offer Home Haircare Products.

LED Lights for Lighting: Our most significant savings have been achieved by removing our Halogen globes and replacing them with LED’s. As we already had some LEDs installed but actually have now removed 28 in total. The initial cost was $1000.00 however the savings by doing this have amounted to $120.00 per month. Not only that but the LEDs come with a 4 year Warranty.  Nothing to Lose – Everything to Gain!