The difference between Standard Highlights and Elite Highlights?

Standard and Elite Highlights

At Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty, we offer many different colour services. With our two highlighting (Foils) services, they are determined on what colour and effect you wish to receive.

The prime differences between these services are time duration and amount of product used, but ultimately resulting in two completely different effects.

The only similarities of these services is how we apply the colour, and where we apply the colour.

This means that we only pick up and apply colour to the existing coloured parts of the hair.

In the long run this leaves the hair in better condition and creates a seamless, natural colour where you can’t tell where the colour starts or finishes.

We also take extra time and care to feather the root, which means the highlights will grow out without that harsh, solid regrowth look.

Standard Highlights

  • Less time spent on service
  • Gaps in between foils (more natural hair left out)
  • More of a natural look, due to more natural hair being left out
  • Less maintenance
  • Less Product used

Standard Highlights

Elite Highlights

  • Extra time spent on service
  • More of the hair is being coloured
  • Back to back foils (little hair left out in between)
  • More product used
  • Higher maintenance, due to more hair being coloured

Elite Highlights

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