Why Does The Price Vary Between Salons

When you need a haircut, do you think I want to look good, feel good, or do I want to get my hair out of my eyes… Or I just need a haircut but I don’t have much money.

The other day I cut a ladies hair who normally goes to a cutting bar and pays $30 for a 20-minute service.
Her hair is just sprayed with water and it never sits quite right because she has some funny hair growth patterns.
Our Salon was not in her area, so she was dropped off by a relative as she needed a haircut.
Firstly I could see she was impressed with her Consultation. She had never had one before, she had very strong growth patterns, and what looked like a previously butchered standard haircut.
I took her to the basin where she received a lovely massage with beautiful smelling moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner. She had never experienced that before either.
Our beautiful apprentice then handed her a cup of tea and a bicky, presented beautifully on a silver tray, she obviously had never experienced that before either, and by the smile on her face she really enjoyed it.
As she flicked through our glossy magazines I cut her hair into her new desired short style, which we had decided on at Consultation, including pictures that we had both agreed on for her lifestyle, face shape, and hair type.
I then explained how to use mousse to Blow Dry.
I then recut the fringe shorter and wispier to give the desired result. I personalised and finished with Hairspray.
Her relative arrived and said it was the best her hair had ever looked.
The client was also very happy and confident, and I could see she felt special.
BUT then it was time to pay… “that will be $93 thank you“.
Her relative was mortified and they both looked shocked.
They paid reluctantly, but then continued to say “Thank you very much I love my new haircut and I enjoyed my experience, it was my fault for not checking the price, I should have realised being a flash salon it would cost more.
At the end of the day you get what you pay for, nobody ever regretted paying for quality!

3 thoughts on “Why Does The Price Vary Between Salons

  1. Juana Atkins says:

    Very true. I had cheap haircuts in my early twenties because I was at university and couldn’t afford a professional cut. Over the years I have learned to stick with a hairdresser who has the skills to cut my curly hair. My time at the hairdressers is more than just a cut it is my timeout just for me. It is a treat. Also while I save money in other areas my hair cut is important to me.

  2. Hair Studio Christchurch says:

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