Male Hair Loss Explained

Hair Scene Blog - Male Hair Loss

So you have noticed your hair thinning and have jumped online to do a bit of research? Great!

You may think that hair loss is just something that comes with age or genetics – That because your father/uncle/grandfather lost their hair you will too. Though there is some truth to this, the primary reason behind male hair loss is in fact Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) an androgen produced as a byproduct of Testosterone that some men are more genetically susceptible to.

An enzyme called 5a-Reductase converts a percentage of testosterone into DHT that can then cling to hair receptors in your follicles causing them to weaken, shrink and eventually die completely. Once the DHT affected follicle has completely died, no hair is able to grow here.

Men who affected by DHT are also more likely to grow hair in other areas of the body such as chest and back. All the while the hair on your head is getting lesser and lesser!
So in order to slow/prevent hair loss (and unwanted gain!) we NEED to block DHT.

At Hair Scene we have an Advanced Anti-Hair Loss range called Mediceuticals which contains natural anti-androgen DHT inhibiting complex which can effectively stop DHT from binding with your hair follicles while increasing blood circulation essential for a healthy scalp.

If hair loss is bugging you, take action sooner rather than later and book in for a free consultation. Once the hair is gone there is no way to bring it back with DHT blocking products.